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negative pregnancy test after 3 positives?? need advice

not even a week after i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend i took a pregnancy test and it came out positive i took another a few days later and it was positive again. i went to planned parenthood and they told me that i am definitely pregnant but i need to take another test just in case and it still came out positive. i was 100% sure i was pregnant but i went to the doc recently and my urine gave a negative result in a test?? then she said im probably not pregnant bc it would have showed positive at this point for sure. i still think im pregnant though and cant currently have access to an ultrasound or blood work so i want to know if anyone has had a similar experience 


  • a very close friend of mine had the same thing happen when she was pregnant with her son, she had 2 positive tests, then a negative, another positive then a negative when she went to the doctors, but she was pregnant! it was just because it was so early on in her pregnancy that the tests were a little mixed. is this your first pregnancy? id leave it 2 weeks and then take another test. hope this helps

  • this isn't my first pregnancy i had a miscarriage last summer though. and i think  by now i would be around 5-6 weeks

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