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Ectopic pregnancy and bicornuate uterus

Hi all,

After finding out I was 6 weeks pregnant I was rushed into hospital with the worst cramps and bleeding after pretty much spotting thro the pregnancy. I was given the news it was an ectopic and it had ruptured my right Fallopian tube and I was internally bleeding. After removing this tube (decreasing my chances of conception) I was told I have a bicornate uterus.

She didn't really make a big deal but after looking online I have worried myself to tears After a pretty traumatic week. Not only do I run the risk of future ectopics, if I do successfully concieve and the baby lands in the uterus I then have to go through the trouble of potential miscarraige, birth defects or premature labour.

Has anyone had both conditions? Is there a link? Im so upset. I was going to try again now until after our wedding next year but I'm worried its going to be a huge struggle and I'm 30 now. Any kind words, reassurances or success stories would really help...

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