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My TTC journey

Hey girls! So by my screen name you have probably picked up that my names Chloe! I'm a young woman, trying to conceive, i will not be adding ages nor my partners real name for privacy reasons. My hubby and i have been trying to have a baby since October 2014, so it has been 22 months so far! We both cut the bad habits within the first 6 months. I'm looking for advice and tips that you girls might have tried that could work! I have tried ovulation tests every cycle since October of 2014. 

Please leave any helpful advice or tips that we could try! We know that the time is right to try and conceive our little bundle of joy! We are ready to add another member to our family! 


  • Hey Chloe! So sorry to hear its been so long... 

    First before i start, have you see a doctor? I advise you do if you're past 1 year of trying! 

    However, i will share my experience so far, hope it helps! 

    So, we've been TTC our first baby for 3 months now & AF just showed up yesterday so no luck this month, fingers crossed for the next. Since then..

    I've been seeing so many forums, websites, advise for moms, & TTC videos online & my lessons learnt for this time around are: 

    1. To keep laying down (1hour+) after BD to keep the sperm from flowing out. 

    My husband is a morning person so we ALWAYS have our BD in the mornings then get up for a shower & get dressed for work! 

    2. Ovulation day tracking is key! 

    We never BD on purpose for in a timely manner, so if we happen to BD on the right days (FD's or OD) then it was our luck, if not, we just hoped for the best. 

    3. Start taking HPT's on day 11opt on wards for very faint BFP lines. Any tests taken before then have a very small percentage & will let you down for no reason. 

    The 2WW is a pain each month but... need to be patient! Sometimes stressing out prevents your body from reacting like we want it to! 


  • image wondering if i could get some help, am i going crazy??? does anyone else see a very faint line?

  • Hey girls my name is karla and I was also trying for at least 6months for my second child and i just found out today that I am pregnant again .I couldn't be make this happen i bougth Pregnacare trying to conceive for and my parnter one month ago I also changed my diet and drink  a lot of water .this really worked with me try it .I wish all of you the best luck😉😊

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