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Scared to test

Hi guys, myself and my OH have been trying for around two years now, two years that have been filled with negative results and false hope. We have just started going to a gynaecologist to try and get some answers. 

Anyway the reason I'm posting is because I'm getting really bad morning sickness symptoms. Have been for four days now. Taken a test and typically it came out negative. However this sickness is like nothing I have felt before. I haven't vomited but I feel like I'm going to until around 11/12 then it subsides to just nausea. I have terrible wind (sorry tmi) and just generally feel crappy.

My last period was on the 20th of August but I am so irregular there's no physical way that I can measure my cycle. As I said hpt came out negative too. 

Please give me some advice I don't wanna go through the disappointment of not actually being pregnant when my body tells me I could be.




  • Hi hun I haven't got any advice for you other than keep testing every few days, but wanted to wish u luck I hope you Get your BFP soon x

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