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Regretting a stupid decision. Advice someone!

Hello all
My name's Susan. I'm 47 y.o. I am here for an advice
I had cervical cancer a decade ago. There were two treatment modes. Radiotherapy and hysterectomy. My doctor offered me the radiotherapy as there's always a chance it won't affect your ovaries and they won't stop working. I’ve never relied on a thought of meeting a wonderful and loving man. And I never cared about children. All that was left for me and all that I desired for was my career. And I just thought if I have no person to have a baby with or even a wish of a child, why would I need my womb? So I had a hysterectomy. God, how stupid! It was such a reckless action on my part. I actually met that wonderful man three years ago. And we want to have a baby now. But he doesn’t know that I can't get pregnant. I just couldn;t find the right moment and the right words to tell him the truth! You know it isn’t like I forgot about his birthday. And now I’m so ashamed of not telling it to him. I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know how to say that I can’t carry a child. I don’t know what to do with that either. Please somebody help me..


  • Explain exactly that to him. He'll be upset, but if he's a wonderful man he'll be upset for the both of you, not mad at you, and you'll find a way to work through it. 

  • If only it was that easy. It's been almost a week since I wrote this post. But I still couldn't find the right moment to confess. He always comes late from work all tired and all nerves, has his supper and goes to bed. It seems that in this state it will tear him apart. And I'm sitting all night long and crying out my helplessness. 

    Probably there's no such thing as right moment. You;re right. I just need to do it. Today.

  • How did it go?? 

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