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PCOS , first round of clomid 50mg

so here's my general history, me and my partner been together 5 years we decided after two years together we would try to conceive. i knew it might be difficult as I have somewhat irregular periods. After two years trying I went to the doctors (last year) and have been diagnosed with PCOS. Last month I was prescribed with provera (To induce a period) and clomid. i have finished my round of clomid and should be ovulating  over the next few days. im also worried as my partner has been told his sperm are an "irregular" shape however sperm count and motility is normal. 

so after all that my question is, is there any advice to help me conceive with clomid. Should I worry about my partners sperm? 

Many success stories welcome would be nice to read :)


  • You need to ask your doctors if his sperm shape will be a problem and what can be done about it and when they will act.  im in a similar position to you but I've not started any treatment yet.  just been told I must get my mind within normal range before they will do anything 

  • The waiting is always the hardest thing had to wait a year to finally be perscribed my medication. Good luck and I hope you get somewhere soon x

  • I've been ttc about 15 months

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