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Am i pregnant

Hi im new on the site so please bare with me....

I gave birth 11 momths ago and im now late my cycle chamge about 5 months ago it went from a 28 day cycle to a 25! today i gave taken a test late in the evening and i got a very faint blue positive can this be wrong or am i pregnant??

Im not sure how often people get a false positive  can anyone gelp me. xx


  • Try and take a FRER or digi, but yes you definitely could be pregnant.

  • Hi 

    I wake up on mornings with slight headaches and sleep on work during the morning which I don't do, so I decided to take a pregnancy test which is 10 days before my period. I didn't have to time to see the results as I was late for work so when I return home I saw two lines but one fainted.... Am I pregnant? 

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