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Just been to hospital for a Hycosy but they couldn't do it as have a swollen tube. They have to do keyhole surgery to confirm the reason but may have to have my ovary and tube removed. They also confirmed pcos on both ovaries so my odds are getting lower and lower. If I don't have the removal I'm likely to have ectopic pregnancy. 

I was not prepared for this result and it has really hit me hard. It would be really helpful to know if anyone else has gone through this and been successful with or without IVF. image


  • I'm really sorry to hear that as a PCOS sufferer myself image

    I read an article on another sight recently and it was success stories by woman with only one tube as one blocked or removed (etc), and they got pregnant using Clomid.

    I really hope it doesn't come down to surgery for you, but just know there is hope before IVF too image

  • Aww hun am so sorry to hear that you must be so beside ure self.. a can't help with the tube removal but I have psos and it's very treatable with healthy diet herbs,vitamins or meds of the doctor.. a had no periods for nearly 8 months started taking myo inositol and vitex and within a month got a period n cycles are 33 days n ovulating every month now.. so don't worry to much bout the pso..

    So many women have them and get pregnant all the time...

    Again so sorry about ure bad new really hope things work out for you. 

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