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Bleeding whilst pregnant?

Is it possible to bleed (quite heavy with period pain) during the first four weeks of pregnancy?  Not too sure whether I am just having an extremely bad period or am pregnant.  I am extremely bloated, a lot more bloated than I ever am and was three days late.  I have bad cramps, which don't feel like your usual period pain.   Stomach seems to stick out, just below the belly button.  Not sure whether to take a test or not.  Any thoughts??


  • Hi, this sounds more like a period to me. Have you had any other signs of pregnancy? It could be possible that your period was just late and your stomach sticks out because of bloatedness.

  • Hello Ani2017, thank you for your reply.  I took a pregnancy test - not pregnant :( Still feel bloated though and I have a slight stitch like pain on the left side of my abdomen, not too sure what that is?  Have an appointment at the doctors booked for next week.  Thanks again for your response x

  • You're welcome. Good luck with it all x

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