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Trying to conceive for two years

I know I'm not alone in this, but I feel alone.  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years.  There's no explained reason why we can't get pregnant.  We had a very very early miscarriage.  Had the positive test result and everything.  We were heartbroken when it didn't continue.  

Ill be thirty soon, and there are so many of my friends and associates that are having babies.  I'm happy for them, but month after month of negative results weighs on my heart.  

I doubt there are any tips that we haven't heard or tried.  Plus side, we save on any kind of birth control.... 🙄 


  • I don't know how much advice I can give you but I wanted to reassure you that you're not alone! TTC is such a hard journey for so many people. It's good that you've had investigations and there's nothing wrong. Have the drs offered any assistance with conception such as IUI or IVF? If you would rather conceive naturally then you still have plenty of time on your side at 30. 

    I know it's hard to think about anything else but try not to put your life on hold at all. I'm not sure how you are financially but maybe take this time to do everything that you've always wanted to do - go on a dream holiday or  take up a hobby. Focusing on something else will help you relax and hopefully conceive.

    Fx for you. If you'd like to chat more then join one of the long standing threads. It's good to get things off your chest of you're feeling frustrated and there are lots of lovely ladies, all with different experiences to share. 

  • Hello, lindz87. I am very sorry for your lost. Have you tried another methods? It's hard to see other people with babies when you're TTC. I know the feeling.  Keep positive. I hope things can get better soon. I wish you the best.


  • Hi!

    we haven't tried any thing else yet since doctors tell us to try for at least a year.  However, I haven't had my period since April and trying to schedule an appt with a gynecologist.  Test results are negative For pregnancy. I just ache all of the time and am wondering if I have cysts or something else going on. 

  • Lindz87, Hi!  Today, only the first day I exist on this forum, but I already met so many similar stories.  So sorry for all of you, seriously, from the heart. My neighbors had a similar situation: for five years could not conceive a child, despite the fact that their son was already 18 years old.  They often visited doctors, passed all sorts of tests.  But this did not work.  They went the other way: they went to the old witch and she somehow helped them.  I certainly do not believe in it, but thanks to this they were able to conceive a child.  Now the girl runs around in our yard: healthy and full of strength. I certainly do not urge you to resort to such a method. The main thing is not to lose courage and keep trying.  I believe in you!  Judging by your story, you are strong and believe in yourself and in your husband.

  • Hi I'm 26 and 2 and a half years ago i had an early miscarriage and we'd got an holiday booked so we said we'd wait until after the holiday to try again (which was about 6 months after) my periods use to be 28 days exact every month but after the miscarriage they changed to irregular and I'd get ov cramps which i never had. I say that it messed my body....Last year i went to the doctors, took tests, they were fine. They refered me to Gnaecology which i had other tests done and were fine also my partner had tests done that were fine. This morning i took a clear blue and got a bfp. All i have changed is a few months back i started the gym. I don't know if that has helped me. I haven't got a clue why it has taken 2 years for us to conceive again, but just to say i know how you feel and there's still hope xx

  • Emmaloulou , congratulations on your BFP!

    It's good to know that after our losses and grievances there is still hope. Thanks for sharing your story.

    The fact you started the gym is not insignificant.. Most probably you released your anxiety and stressed and increased your blood flow. I think all of that helped your body to be prepared to conceive.

    Please, keep us updated :) Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy x

  • My advice is not to wonder why. Why is this happening? Why me? Just look forward. You will get some new strength you didn’t have before. I am proud on everything that we passed, proud on my husband, doctors and all stuff of the clinic. My little son is next to me and this is the biggest blessing I could get. I am counting his teeth now. Two! Nothing is hard if you have faith. If you want something (or someone) too much. Like I did. Then past is not important. Nothing is important except that. My life is peaceful now. I have someone who is great combination of me and the love of my life.

  • Hi lindz87, I've been there too it took 2 years to get my son and i've had 2 mc. Just wondering if you've had any bloods or anything done? Only ask as I have high prolactin which is why I had no periods and struggled to get pregnant. Worth looking at maybe? but try not to stress , easier said than done I know, but stress makes everything worse. 

  • Went to a gynecologist yesterday morning.  Had a bunch of blood taken for labs.  I have another appt the end of the month for an ultrasound to look at my ovariRS.  It honestly feels good to just be starting on the path to concrete answers.

  • That's good. I always find having an answer, whatever it is, is better than the not knowing. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long x

  • @Lindz87 i'm glad you took action for your situation dear. image

    I myself have spent a lot of time ttc too, even more (3 years and 2 months), and it's a tremendously harsh wait. I can guess all the desperation you must feel. Before, there were times that i even went full nuts putting myself in random positions during the day thinkin it could help be get pregnant. They are pure nonsense but sometimes I despair a lot.
    I pity you, i understand how difficult it is. Count on me and the other girls for any anguish you have and if you feel any concern or doubt dont hesitate to consult me if you need it! Good luck on your journey.

  • You're not alone darling. There are a lot of us who are deeply struggling with our adversities. Fertility difficulties are one of the hardest for women. At least this is what I think so. I have nearly 4 years in this journey and it's maybe the hardest. It doesn't get easier, you already know that. Month after month, week after week. Is painful, and it's something that feels simply like it become part you... And it hurts because it's a part of you that try to avoid. The constant reminder that something that seems and people have told u all ur life that is so natural as having a child seems like impossible. The highest mountain to climb... And you climb it (there aren't fewer more options) most of the time alone. Inside your mind... I really hope you the best. I know that for all of us that finally can make it to give birth to a son or a daughter we will be the best parents these kids could have. Good luck!

  • Don't feel alone honey. We have a large community of awesome girls who take care of each other. That's why we're here for. We share the same journey and we expect the brightest gift.

    I'm happy that you are now finding answers. At least being closer to them. Keep us updated of how everything goes. My best wishes for you, Good luck! xx

  • Thanks! I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. 😩 They hAve me on metformin now...

  • Oh.. sorry to know that @Lindz87.. :( What a sad news!

    What are the steps now? Apart from metaformin?

    I don't know what's the common treatment for PCOS.. 

    Anyway, wish you good luck!

    And send you the best vibes for you to recover!

    keep on trying! x

  • There isnt a cure.  

  • Hi Lind, have you tried acupuncture? 

    Also after 2yrs of trying & two miscarriages, I started taking a supplement called serrapeptase which breaks down internal scar tissue alongside seven seas trying for a baby tablets and I got pregnant (currently 30weeks) 

  • Hello, Lindz87!

    It is a really pity news that you can't get pregnant. But never give up! This is very hard always try and do something, but you should do this. You have a very big dream - become a mum. I think that it is the best role in the world ever. I suppose that you are on the verge of getting pregnant.

    Maybe the idea about IVF is useful in your situation. Did you ask your doctor about this way get a baby?

  • There is one thing that not so many people pay attention to. The blood type. It could be sometimes that bloodtype of you and your husband are not compactible. You can conceive but misscarriage percentage is high. I had a friend who was trying for years with her husband to get pregnant, and nothing. They even survived 2 misscarriages. Unfortunately, out of different reasons, they separated. Today, both married with other people, have kids, without any problem. It is a longshot, I know, but maybe you should do test this potential cause of your problems too. Talk to your doctor about that. Good luck!

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