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Metformin Success Stories?..........Is there hope for me?

Hi Ladies, 

I am new here so please bare with me on this one :) 

My partner and I have been TTC for 15 months now with no luck so far. I have FINALLY found a doctor who wants to help me rather than keep pushing me aside saying not having a period for 3 months is 'Normal' (which I find it hard to believe). Anyway - my new doctor has put me forward for an ultrasound scan and blood tests as he has a strong feeling it sounds like PCOS. Once diagnosed he advised me there is something called 'Metformin' plus other drugs we can try. 

Who has had Metformin? Did it work? How long before you conceived? 

****IS THERE HOPE!!!!****

Thanks for listening to me ladies, look forward to hearing some lovely stories.

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