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Hi I Have A Big Problem That I Would Like Some Answers To So Basically I Just Came Off Of My Depo Injection In November 2016 While On The Injection I Didn't Have Any Periods And As Soon As I Stopped In November 2016 I Started Spotting Regular Brown Blackish Blood Till It Came Back To Normal .Since February I Have Been Having Unprotected Sex With My Partner And Now Since Around The 18th May 2017 I Started My Period I Finished Around The 26th May 2017 I Had Unprotected Sex Couple Days After And I Haven't Seen My Period Since And It Is Now The 6th July 2017. Ive Been Having Strange Symptoms For Example Nausea,Back Pain ,Strong Pains In The Bottom Of My Belly (Sometimes One Side),Feeling Uncomfortable  (Especially When Sleeping),Tired ,Back Pains,Sharp Pains At Times,Weight Gain,Bloating ,White Almost Creamy Discharge,My Whole Body Pains Just Doing An Simple Task Such As Sweeping The Floor,Even Now Typing I'm Getting This Burning Sensation At The Bottom Of My Belly And I've Been Eating Abit More Than Usual, Ive Taking A Few Pregnancy Texts Early Last Week And The Week Before But The All Came Back Negative So I Haven't Taking Any Since But I Really Want Find Out What Is Wrong With Me Help!.

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