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Please help!

Hi, I'm 15 and I've been on the combined pill for 6 weeks. I have had the normal symptoms of breakthrough bleeding for about 39 days. I decided to go on the pill as me and my boyfriend decided to take the next step in our relationship. We have been using condoms and being safe. I am also 3 weeks into my summer holidays, and I have noticed I've put on a bit of weight. I have not missed a pill (I'm taking it continuously), and have only been on the pill for 6 weeks as I said, is it possible to be pregnant and it be noticeable? Children is the last thing I want at the moment. 

Thanks - Caitlin


  • I hope you can help, I did not really know where to post 

  • So long as you have taken your pill ontime every day then it's very unlikely you would get pregnant.

    More than likely your change in shape / weight gain is a side effect of the pill... 1) the hormones in the pill (notably the progesterone) can cause tummy bloating. 2) the pill can increase your appetite so you can gain weight easier if you are not keeping it in check. 

  • I do keep telling myself that it is incredibly unlikely and probably is weight gain due to the pill; it was just a little voice in the back of my mind saying 'what if'. Thank you so much for reassuring me. 

  • No problems! If it is something that keeps worrying you it might be worth switching to a contraceptive method where you get a constant supply of hormone rather than having to rely on you to remember to take your pill every day... the dep-provera injection for example... just one injection in your butt every 3 months & you're covered. The implant is also an option (inserted under the skin in your arm & lasts for years). 

    remember that none of these methods protect against STD's though so dont be afraid to ask your boyfriend about his sexual history & use condoms too if you are not sure.

  • *depo-provera injection sorry... typo there

  • I have been thinking about the implant a lot, and I might go down that road of having that done. But thank you so much for your advice and for reassuring me, I honestly really appreciate it. 

  • Also please bear in mind that at the age of just 15 your boyfriend is breaking the law by having sex with you as you are under the age of consent. It may be better for you to have the injection. Good luck x

  • My boyfriend is also 15, though, we do both turn 16 during next month. But thank you for your advice as well. 

  • Am afraid it's your age that counts, so just be careful Hun 

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