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Hi ive just joined this site after being recommended by a friend.

My husband and i have been trying for our 2nd child for 5 years, but now want to try and do a bit more to help our chances. I suffer with PCOS, amazingly conceived our daughter within 8 months, but had zilch since (luckily not had any miscarriages or anything either). So what i was wondering is what supplements or additional things do any of you take that may help or i can look into... any advice will be much appreciated :)


  • Hi!

    I also have PCOS and am TTC. I take the Santogen Mum to be vitamins ( I tried Pregnacare but they stopped my periods!) and Vitex and Maca. I'm hoping to regulate my cycles and get my periods back. 

    you haven't said if you have regular cycles or if you have visted your GP and been given any advice but I wouldn't say that could be your first call. Depending on your age they might recommend referral to a fertility clinic who might offer Clomid for help ovulating to get things moving quicker for you. 

    Good luck!

  • Hiya, i didn't even think about cycles and things when i wrote it, Sorry.

    My cycles are mostly every month, although they can vary in length (or I will miss a month) touch wood they've been pretty good lately (last year or so).

    This will be our second child so NHS won't offer us any fertility help, although a few years back I went on metformin which I stayed n for a year when I gave up for a little bit.  

    I need to arrange a blood test for any other contributing issues which i don't think i have, but am overweight with PCOS and diabetes in the family. 

    A friend has suggest B6 and Angus castus which im going to start soon to see if that helps too :)

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