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Help please (sorry about this!)

Hiya, im just confused about what is going on. I havent been due on my period but the last 3 days i have been having mainly brown blood with very little red, its been slightly clotty and mucus. Im due in around a week or 2 me and my partner was unportected last month for a couple of weeks but i had a period since that so im so confused as this hasnt happened before so was just looking for advice. Thanks


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  • Do you have usual symptoms of PMS? Or maybe it is not the period we are talking about. Have you thought about visiting the gynocologist? Once I had a cyst in my right ovary and I didn´t know about it. We were moving to another flat. You know how it goes, lifting boxes and stuff. All of a sudden, at night, I felt some blood coming down, brown color. I also was confused, thinking it was my period, but it wasn´t the time for it, you know. I went to see gyno few days later and he told me that a cyst broke in my ovary. That was a surprise since I didn´t even know I had it. So, I would suggest you to go and check yourself. It would be the best, just to come out of this confusion. 

  • Hi I'm new here . I've had a positive pt but 6 days later started bleedin , bright red an small clots for 5 days , didn't contact gp then a week later had a negative  test but still feeling symptoms  really confused  and too scared to retest !!!!!

  • Avril, you should do the retest. You shouldn´t be scared that much. After all, avoiding the problem is not the solution of the problem. Could be various reasons why you feel pain. It is not necessary that you are pregnant or something. Although, no matter what the cause of the pain is, you have to check yourself. Don´t prolongue or avoid the test, do it as soon as possible. Preventing the problem is better solution than curing the problem.

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