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Need eyes! Bfp?


my husband and I have been trying for 8 months and found out he has low sperm. I'm on PDO10 and have been getting lines show up on three tests and the other a shadow. Don't want to get hopes up too muc but I'm anxiou. 


  • From that pic I would say the tests are faulty as the line is blurred / run. I would definitely recommend getting a first response early response test & ideally waiting until your period is due but I have got bfps at 11dpo with frer. Good luck!

  • Thank you. Yeah here is all the tests I have taken so far( granted there old but the lines were all there at the time period allowed). image

  • Here is my latest test. Won't test again till the weekend after I get back from TN. image

  • If that pic is at 11dpo then I'd say you're in with a good chance as I can see a faint line. Personally I don't like the blue dye tests and feel more confident using a first response early response test (Pink dye). Good luck!!

  • Thank you! Yeah I'm really hoping this is it! Just have to wait just a few more days till I see something better to confirm! 

  • Well it wasn't meant to be this time. My period is trying to come. Went to the dr and test came back negative. Going to my ob nov 1st.

  • Ah, fingers crossed for next time jillybean 

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