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Pregnant or not pregnant?

Hey I was on contraceptive pills for 21 days and yet missed my period. I took a pregnancy test 10 days after i missed my first period. It turned out to be positive. As i dont want to get pregnant at the moment we took another test 2 days later. Before taking the test only i got my periods and when i tested with the urine before i got my periods the result was negative. 

Am i pregnant or did i have a miscarriage? Please someone help me.


  • It could be a chemical pregnancy (a very early loss) you could test again in a day or two and see if you still get negatives (test with your first urine of the day - it’s strongest) you could also go to your doctor for a blood test which will be more definitive 

  • So if it is a negative that means I'm not pregnant right? 

    And thank you for your help really appreciate it.

  • It should do but you never know, that’s why it’s best to go to your Doctor for advice and a blood test.  Blood tests are most sensitive and pick everything up 

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