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4 positives,a negative and a period

hi everyone I'm really confused at the moment. As the past few weeks I've been feeling pregnancy symptoms. Anyway I took a test and got a faint positive however I wanted to be extra sure so I got the same brand test as the first one and 2 tests from a different brand- all had a faint positive. However a week later I went to the toilet and discovered I was bleeding (too much to be spotting and too little to be a miscarriage) in panic I went to the hospital where they tested my urine and discovered that the test they took was negative- so the bleeding must be a period? I told the nurse about my positive results and she advised me to get a blood test. I just feel so silly and like Id gotten my hopes up,has anyone had a similar experience? 


  • It could of been a chemical pregnancy 

  • Hello there deary. How are you doing today? I hope that things are going smooth for you! I am sorry that you are undergoing all the confusion and what not... It is really a unwanted situation. Did you get the positives from a peestick? Is that correct? If so than I would say that you aren't pregnant. As sad as that it... You see, these test may fail. I know that they say that 99% of the time they are accurate but that's jsut advertisement. As long as you are having a period that's the end of the deal. However there is bleeding even after you get pregnant. Is this a regular period, like a usual one? If so then maybe you have conceived! Go do a test at a hospital. They will be able to tell for sure. Wish you luck!

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