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Are we ready?

Hey guys!

Just want to say I am new to this forum :) so hey haha.

So my partner and i have been together for  around 2 half years now and its gone by so fast and are madly in love. Both of our families get on really well. We have been on holidays etc and enjoyed a lot together. We have rented for around a year and a half together and now have a mortgage on our first bought home and more than likely will be our family home now. Its perfect and could never be more happy! We have a dog but soon will like to extend our family in the future.

I am 23, 24 very soon and partner is 32. We both have good wages with full time jobs however he is on a lot more than me and we do live comfortably as we support eachother. At the moment we are doing the house up for the future etc.

I am currently on the mini pill and have been on this for many years (noriday). I have around 6 months worth of tablets left but we are thinking of trying once these are up!

What do you guys think? Do you think we would be sensible to start trying late next year once the house is done up? Both of us are mentally and stabally ready. I have been to university and partner has a good solid job. Just wondered what your thoughts were thats all. I always worry about what people will think

Thanks guys.


  • Why are you worried about what people think? Part of joining the mummy club is being strong, independent and facing up to whatever happens. All that matters is the happiness and health of the baby that will need you for your entire life from the moment he/she is born. Nothing else matters!

  • Thanks Archiebear.

    You are completely right. Ive always thought about what people think. I guess im just conscientious and it is really about us.

    Thank you for your reply.

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