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Could I be infertile?

Hi ladies,
I’m 22 & have been off pill for around 9/10 months. according to ovulation tests I have ovulated around 5 times since off contraception. I’m aware positive tests doesn’t mean I’m actually ovulating so I’m unsure if i have or not. I am causing myself a lot of stress worrying that I can’t have children. Some months my cycle is 28 others it’s 34 and even 37. I always have a period & always have but I can’t help but feel there’s something wrong with me - my partner has been for a sperm test & all is good for him, I’m going to the doctors on Monday so I’m hoping to get my bloods done soon. Could there be something wrong with my body? What will happen when I get my results back from my bloods, does anyone know the next step?


  • At your age, a doctor won’t refer you until you have been trying unsuccessfully for 2 years. The average for falling pregnant is a year. It’s just some ladies get lucky. When I fell for the first time, I had been off the injection for 15 months before I got a bfp, try to relax. Stress can delay ovulation which will in turn delay your periods. The later you ovulate the later your period will be. 

  • But last week I ovulated a week later than expected yet came on the dya I should’ve done if I would have ovulated the week before! So confusing, I thought it was 2 years but my boyfriend has already had his sperm tests and they’ve told me they’ll will probably test my blood so hoping for some answers 

  • How are you tracking? Ov strips arent reliable. The only way to confirm ovulation is to track basal temps. It is a frustrating journey am afraid .

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