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Feeling a bit lost

My husband and I have been trying for over a year now to get pregnant. I realise this isn't a very long time and others have experienced a longer struggle but sometimes I just feel a bit disheartened.

I had been on the pill for several years and my husband and I are coming up to nearly 10 years together. Children is something we have always discussed. After coming off the pill, I am still having very erratic periods, some months it will be weeks after when its expected or I may get nothing fo a few months. The most frustrating part of this is getting all the signs like I am going to get my period but nothing. This of course leads me to think I may be pregnant but every time I have taken a test its always negative. This is starting to become quite upsetting and as much as people says "it will happen in time" or "you will be fine", I don't feel fine about it.It can be quite hard on my husband too seeing me feel that way and not being able to help or click his fingers and make it happen.

I have had tests done at the doctors in terms of mineral levels etc in my blood and a scan, and all seem to be ok except I have now been called in to discuss my latest results. The doctor was trying to see if I was ovulating but it was difficult to pin point and I have been told it is my progesterone level that is the issue so I'm a bit nervous about that.

I know it all takes time and the more I think about it or obsess, the less likely it will be. I just feel a bit lost sometimes and like not many people are understanding how its making me feel about myself.

Just wanted to share.


  • Hya Hun. Have you heard of Vitex?  It’s a pill form that you take.  It helps regulate periods. A friend of mine took it as she had erratic periods coming off the pill.  it worked the first month for her and now she has periods every month xx

  • Thank you for recommending that, I hadn't heard of it at all but will now have a read into it! image

    Its just a bit frustrating having all the feelings but no period or not knowing when they will arrive!

  • Yes please have a look into Vitex. You can buy it from local stores like boots and Holland & Barrett’s.  It really does help regulate periods.  

    My periods are regular like clockwork but I still can’t get pregnant. Been trying for almost 4yrs now xx

  • Thank you so much! Anything to help would be worth a try.

    That must be difficult. My 1ish year sounds very insignificant compared to 4 years, it must be very frustrating. Have you had any advice from doctors etc? Xx

  • We have children already Planned every one of them and got pregnant first try. Normal births  but with the last,  who is now 5 we had emergency C-section. We have been trying for a baby ever since but no success at all.  So I know my fertility problems are related to the cesarian...  aww yes 1 yr isn’t very long but i  imagine it must feel very long for you :( x

  • The good news is progesterone can be fixed easily and will hopefully make any pregnancies more successfulI would see how that goes before introducing any other types of supplements including Vitex. 

  • That must be difficult Michi but I'm happy to hear that you have been successful before and you have children already :) Even so, if its something that you want and it isn't happening it must be frustrating, especially if it was caused by a cesarian which is out of your control!

    The year has felt long but I think this is due to us holding off until we were in a more stable place and married. Of course it is typical that when you are ready and want it, it takes what seems like forever to happen! :(

    Thank you Meme210! My appointment is early February so I will also take the opportunity to discuss the use of any supplements then. The annoying part is I've not been told what is wrong with the levels, just that "it must be discussed" so my mind wonders with what will be said. Hoping for something positive and if not, like you say, it is something that can be fixed! :)

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