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Please help....

So I have been having symptoms of early pregnancy. Feeling nauseas (not actually being sick), headaches, cramping every now and then, mouth watering, moody, highly emotional (I NEVER cry but lately I can't stop!), frequent need to pee and my last period was strange. I do suffer with endometriosis (although not graded as not confirmed by surgery) My periods have always been regular down to the day, lasting 5 days and being extremely painful. So I was on from 25th May - 29th May, normal period but not so painful. Me and my OH never use contraception, due to my endometriosis we just think 'what will be will be' if I fall pregnant that would be amazing! After feeling a weird cramping sort of feeling over the weekend of 9th/10th June i took a cheap ebay HPT but it came up negative within minutes. On Sunday 17th June I noticed some dark brown blood in my underweath, not much just a little every time I wiped. When I woke on Monday 18th it had stopped. I thought it was weird as I have never had that before. Throughout Monday there was very bright red light blood when ever I wiped. By Monday night the bleeding was heavier but still bright red. Tuesday and Wednesday I was quite heavy but not as heavy as normal but there was some dark red clots. By Thursday I was off. My period was not due for another 10 days! Could I be pregnant? It would be a miracle and I don't know if it is all in my head! I've been feeling a little cramping today also. Can anyone help??

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