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so I’m 15 and pregnant and very scared, I’ve only ever had one serious boyfriend and we’ve been together for over a year now, we’ve never had pregnancy scares or anything because we arent very sexually active given we’re both underage and we use contraception when we do have intercourse, I’m about to go into my final year at school and I found out a week ago I’m pregnant. I noticed something was wrong when I was feeling very tired all the time, very weak with a lot of back ache and slight stomach cramps, I have been weeing a lot more than usual and my stomach has been very bloated. I did a home pregnancy test last week and it came back positive so I did another 2 the same day and got the same result. However, a couple days ago I started what I thought was my period which caused a lot of confusion with me and my boyfriend, it isnt like a normal period, it’s much lighter in colour and not as heavy as it would usually be, I haven’t been getting cramps and ive not been bleeding enough to fill a pad, does anyone know what this means and if it’s normal? I have a doctors appointment next week and I’m very worried as although I’m not ready to have a baby I also don’t want to lose my potential child, I should be around 3 weeks along and I’m also very scared to tell my parents as my 16 year old sister is also pregnant but shes due in 3 months, any advice would be appreciated and also if anyone knows if bleeding is normal could you please reply and explain what this could mean? Thanks x 


  • Hello there. Ok, there's a lot here so let's walk though this...
    Firstly, the bleeding you are having could be implantation bleeding, which is when the 'pregnancy' beds in to your uterus. This would be nothing to worry about. Alternatively, if the bleed does become heavier and red, this could be a possible miscarriage, and you absolutely would need medical attention. 

    Honey, I really urge you to talk to your mum - you need help here, and can not do this alone, and you're so young, you need an adult or a parent with you. It's not an ideal situation, so hopefully you can talk to your mum about this. 

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