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TTC Vent Caused By Crazy Hormones 🙃

I guess I just want to vent over how stumped I feel. :( Its like there's no answers...

March 23 2018 started filling a pad per hour and eventually I passed out....M/C (my 3rd). It was a whoopsie baby so me and Babe decided to TTC after that baby because we realized we were ready.

April period was normal, 31 days later. But no dice on baby.

May period was normal on the 28th, 32 days later. So no dice on baby either. :( 

I was supposed to be due for another period on July 1st which never came. I started to get symptoms and I tested on the 6th; negative. However at this time Babe made me start taking progesterone "just in case"...he was terrified of another miscarriage. Tested again few days later on the 10th... Negative. :(

Pretty much figured it is just whacky period since I have PCOS so I just left it alone and told babe sorry lets try again next cycle. Figured AF would come in time...I kept getting told I was being mean and emotional by practically everyone....and my hands feet and ankles started to swell...and I peed every two seconds..So I stopped the progesterone to try and get my period and stop the symptoms because I was told it is prob just the progesterone. You usually bleed the day after. :( No period.

On the 16th I had a period.....for one day. Maybe it was the progesterone. But I spotted brown and pink for one day, bled for another day, and then nothing...Just CM :(

Now here I am, 20 days late, with a negative test this morning and I cant see my doctor until the 26th to try and figure out what is going on. :( Ugh. I just wanna either be positive so I can be happy or start so we can start trying again you know? Who knew trying again could be so hard....And how PMS could be so long lasting with symptoms that dont go away. D; 

I just...Ugh I wish my body would be normal. :( Usually with PMS  I get the tender nips and the bloating, cramps, I got NONE of that. :( These crazy symptoms make no sense. 

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