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Positive test? 2 days before period due

Hi, I just wondered if anyone would take this faint line to mean this is a positive test?

Thanks in advance. image



  • Has anyone had similar?

    I'd be grateful if you could let me know what you think. 

    Many thanks 😊 

  • Hey Hun  I can see a line  , I would try again in 48 hours and it should start getting darker fingers crossed for you mine was like that and then got darker two days later 

  • Thank you for responding, I'll be testing again when I'm due on and in the morning. This was at lunchtime. 

    Many thanks 😊 

  • Emzie90 I used these exact same test before my period and it looked exactly like yours and now I’m 34weeks pregnant 😍 congrats here’s my tests 👇


  • Oh wow! Congratulations to you too 💕

    It does look very similar and as you say it's the same test.

    Thank you for your comment and your well wishes ❤️

    The photos have helped too thank you. 

  • I tested again this morning. It's a very faint line again. I'm due on tomorrow so I will test again in the morning. On the pic showing both test yesterday's test is at the bottom, this morning's test is at the top.


  • Looks good 😊

  • I'm due on my period today and took a test this morning (a different one from Asda) and the line seems a little darker?



    Still don't feel sure though 😅

  • believe it girl 😍

  • Thanks! Trying to! 😘

  • Haha it’s hard to believe it but if you did a clear blue digital it would say pregnant 😍

  • Hey everyone just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with the faint lines on the pregnancy test. It is safe to say I am pregnant and will be due around April time, if all goes well. 

    Thanks 😊 😘 


  • Congratulations 😍 

  • Aww congrats emzie! How long were you trying for? 

    I got pregnant in April but lost it in June 😭 back on my first month of trying I’ve got a week until I’m due back on my period and I soo hope I’m pregnant again. It’s a great feeling when that word pops up on the stick isn’t it. 

    I got pregnant first month of trying last time but not sure I’m going to be as lucky again for a second time.  Congrats again xxx

  • Brookes764 I'm so sorry to hear that 😔 I've been trying for 6 months but I have a 4 Yr old and it took the same amount of time to conceive (maybe an affect of being on the pill? Not sure).

    Second time I pretty much knew something was up straight away to be honest. I was very hormonal and sensitive and I got a very faint line 7dpo but then nothing but negatives until a faint line 2 days before being due on!

    I wish you all the best and good luck hun xx

  • It took me 18months with my 1st and then 1st try with my second xx

  • Ah thank you, I’m yet to have a baby so im really hoping it’s second time lucky. 

    I’m 7dpo now bit early to test yet isnt it? I think I’m going to hold off until I miss my period, if I do. it’s just this two week wait it kills you doesn’t it! Xxx

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