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Clomid success stories needed?!

just taken my last pill (day 5) for this month! First time we’ve tried clomid and now the wait to see how many eggs I have made in my scan next week. Then the wait for ovulatio! Some success stories or anyone in the same boat as me would be lovely 😊 

thanks! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼


  • Hi Suzi, I know this is quite an old post but have just come across it.  How did your clomid journey go? I am due to start my first round in October 2019.  
  • @CharCx i don't have any success story. But i am on round 3 of clomid. I wanted to ask you why are you starting in October. If clomid is your prescribed drug you can start this month only.
  • How are you finding it? 

    I am starting in October’s cycle because I am on holiday in September and am afraid it is going to make me feel really rubbish all holiday. I didn’t realise you have to take it the next cycle after it has been prescribed?
  • Don't worry about symptoms. Well it's depends on women to women but if you take in oct you will miss a chance in previous months. You can start your clomid as soon as you get your period on days prescribed by doc.
    i had my first round monitored. Went through baseline ultrasound first then after taking clomid had an ultrasound which showed 16mm follicle (was small in size) then progesterone test 70 level of progesterone. But BFN and period came.
    2nd and 3rd cycle are not monitored but doses were not up. So in 3rd round of clomid . if 3rd round didnt give me success i will be asked for tubal check.

    So if you are TTC for long and don't wanna waste another month take clomid. It's not sure whether you get bad symptom. I was fine whole three cycle other than some mild cramping and indigestion. So, it's really upto you.
  • I have read that Clomid can give unpleasant symptoms so worrying that I’ll  get them and feel unwell all of my holiday so just wanted to relax on holiday & then come back and wait for my next cycle in October to start & then start it then. 

    I have not been ttc for very very long at all. Just 2 months, but I have PCOS and have had 2 day 21 blood tests the passed two months which showed no ovulation so am having anovulatory cycles. I’ve had my tubes checked which are all fine, my OH has had a semen analysis done. His results come back and sperm count is good just morphology (shape) is 3.5% and they like it to be 4% but his urologist said that because everything else’s is fine they aren’t too worried. 

    I have been on metformin for over for over a year and not been on any birth control for years so that’s why my gyno has decided to put me on Clomid so quickly after Ttc. 

    Fingers crossed the 3rd cycle works for you, how long have you been trying for? I am not having a scan on my first cycle my gyno just advised doing the day 21 blood test to see if it’s working. 
  • 3rd clomid didnt't worked for me. Got AF on 24th. So tubal check is my next option. They will review my report and then make further action.

    I also had anovulation cycle for many years maybe. Because i got pcos since 2012 at age of 25 and but started taking birth control pill as got married. So periods were never up to date since then. Last year trying since April got Duphaston estrogen meds but it didnt helped. So now on metformin from last year nov and now getting periods. Cycles are sometime regular and irregular. So was put in clomid in May but it didnt worked for me. So lets see how much time will it take. 

    But i will still suggest you take clomid. Don't worry about side effects. You are already on metformin so it will not effect you much.
  • Aww no! That must be so deflating :(.  This is only your 3rd cycle though they allow up to 6 cycles so you still have a chance with Clomid. 

    I dont know why you didn’t have a HSG before going onto clomid, my Gynaecologist put me through all the blood tests, hsg and an internal scan to check ovaries etc before he put me into Clomid. Luckily they all come back fine accept obviously the blood tests the past two months were low progesterone, and I do have PCOS but no cysts on ovarys just elevated testerone. 

    I have a good feeling about Clomid for me cos I do ovulate some times on my own.. and Iv recently increase my metformin dosage to 1500mg so hoping this helps! 🤞🏻 Will you still have another 3 cycles of Clomid after your HSG? 
  • i too had blood test and trans vaginal ultrasound. They told that i don't have that bad cyst. And OH semen analysis came very good. But here in UK they don't perform HSG before clomid. I did ask them before they put me in clomid and they denied. i think the mistake i did was not using Metformin. I should have used met before but i was too afraid to use it because of its side effect. Now i am taking 3 times a day and nothing as such as side effects happened and my cycles are regulated. That's why i again tell you don't waste a month. 
  • I’m in the UK too, and I have HSG on 1st July 2019 - and then was prescribed Clomid on 24th July 2019 due to annovaltory cycles. 

    Metformin has really helped my periods regulate, but when I first went on them my side affects were awful, felt nauseous all the time, tired, no energy. So my dr kindly put me on the slow releasing ones and since then I have been absoloutley fine. 

    I have upped my dosage to 1500mg last Friday from being on 1000mg for 1 year, and I’ve gone off my food and had no energy but they do say that is a side affect & will ware off. What Metformin do you take slow release or fast? 

    Do you think you have more chances of conceiving with Clomid when you’ve been taking Metformin then? 

    I am still waiting until October - I want to go away in September on my holidays and take a month out of thinking about TTC and de stress adventure it’s all I’ve been able to think about all year.  And then come back fresh headed and start. 
  • 24th August 2019*
  • i think clomid really works with netformin while trying. i am uped my dose of metformin from this month but it resulted in long cycle. But i guess things will be back on track. I hope they would have done my hyfosy before i started clomid. But now it's on 11sept. Really feeling scared of that scan. How was it?
  • What makes you think that?  I have heard taking the two together is beneficial. But they say to be taking it for 3-4 month before starting Clomid. 

    It is nothing to be scared of honestly, it doesn’t hurt. I didn’t even find it uncomfortable tbh, it’s like a smear. The only thing I didn’t like is all the nurses/drs that had to go down there as they said my cervix was in a lower position so the dr had to position the clamp so there was 3 heads down there a time one time so was very intrusive but was over before I knew it.  And is well worth it as apperently it flushes your tubes!  And they tell you there and then if they are blocked or not. 
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