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Am I pregnant ? (41 days in cycle)

Hello , 

I am 19 years old , 41 days into my menstrual cycle , and i have spotted brown blood last week . I have symptoms such as vomiting , fatigue , hunger , headache , and constipation . However I have taken pregnancy tests and they are negative . Should I go GP and get a blood test done ? Also I dont know who the father is . But I would keep my baby definitely and still go uni . 

Thank you. 


  • I had unprotected sex on 17 & 19 August btw so I would be 6 weeks according to a calculator online .

  • Hi, first of all you need to get a positive test. When you get a positive test, to know how many weeks pregnant you are, count from the first day of your last period. That should give u a rough idea. You don't count from when u had sex. 

    Let us know when u get your test results.

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