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TWW Chart all over the place - Temp dip then huge spike now another drop

Hi Everyone! Driving myself crazy! We have been TTC for 18months now and I had such a good feeling this cycle! I had a small dip 7dpo and that a huge spike 9dpo so I was getting super hopeful but now it’s dropped back down to my normal tww temps 😣. I feel like AF might be on the way because of the drop again! I have had some mild tummy cramps and aches in my lower back. I also have this weird scratchy throat and stuffy nose feeling since yesterday morning that made me think I was coming down with something but it hasn’t got any worse but is still there - strange as I NEVER get ill! My boobs are also sore and feeling a bit heavy  (which is normal for me pre AF).

I have posted my chart so if you could let me know what you all think I would be so gratefu! Has anyone ever had a chart like this and got a BFP or am I just clutching at straws?😩image


  • Hi I’m new to this site but I am having the same issues with my charts, we have been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years and the doctors have finally given me metformin to get me to ovulate as they suspect I havnt been. My chart this month is completely differant to last months and I have had a few symptoms such as nause, headaches, a metallic taste and not sore but achy boobs. However I don’t know if that’s just the tablets making my body work as it should   be. I have attached my chart, if anyone could let me know what you think that’d be great 😊 


  • Hi Hibbs! Thanks for your reply! 5 years - I can’t imagine what you have been through! I am literally going crazy after this amount of time, it’s been the most challenging thing I have ever been through and it’s all I think about every single day! 

    I’m sorry I can’t offer you any help on your chart as I’m quite new to charting myself.

    I think your symptoms sound promising too especially if this is unusual for you but I dont know much about metformin or what the potential side effects are.

    Just wanted to say good luck anyway and hope this is your month for a BFP!! Xx

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