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Pcos and possible blocked falopian tube


We've been TTC for 13 months now. I have recently been told by the gynecologist that I most likely have PCOS as I do not ovulate regularly (very very irregular long cycles)..

I have had scans, bloods and a HSG...

The HSG showed that one tube was probably fine but the other on the dye didn't go through at all. The test was left as inconclusive. 

I'm feeling pretty down. 

Expecting them to contact me in around 3 weeks then hopefully some plan of action most likely chlomid however I was told that before I was told I may also have a blocked tube. 

Anyone else been in a similar situation? 

Sending lot of baby dust X 


  • Hi Bluebell!

    I have been trying about 16 months. Had a laparoscopy as I have PCOS and they found one of my fallopian tubes is blocked. I had long cycles and wasn't ovulating properly. I had ovarian drilling done and 3 months in my cycles are below 30 days! With only one blocked tube it only reduces our chances by 25% so not much at all! My consultant has ebery faith we will concieve naturally now i am ovulating properly :) all in all its positive! PM me if you have any other questions! Xxx

  • Thank you for your reply! 

    That's really helpful. 

    Best wishes to you!! ❤️ 

  • I’m interested in how you both got on! If you could update with your progressit would be lovely to hear some positive news.

    I have been TTC for 23 months now, I have been diagnosed with PCOS (although not awful) and I’ve just had a laparoscopy and dye and they’ve discovered my left tube is blocked. So I’m now just waiting for the next step. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start Clomid.
  • I'm also curious as to how you got on, @Bluebell8 @Char09. I just had a fallopian tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy. We can't try again for several months, and the doctor said it will decrease our chances, and make it take longer. We tried for over a year before we got the first bfp, so I'm feeling very discouraged, and heart broken. It'd give me hope to hear how others with one properly working tube fell pregnant. 
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