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Hsg is it as bad as google tells me??

anyone had hsg done? Stupidly googled it and now I’m terrified. 


  • Hi Oj19

    we talked on another thread 🙂 not had one done yet but going to. Don’t be scare, i’m sure it’s not as bad as it sounds. most women say it feels like bad cramps xx

  • Ladies its no different than a smear test and it doesn't hurt so ignore all the drama queens who say it does xxx i didn't even get the period cramps they say u may get after xx 

  • Can Let you all know Friday how it goes!x

  • Oj19

    good luck hun, i’m sure it will go well for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, keep it posted xxx

  • Driving myseif crazy from googling it. Actually feel sick. 

  • Please don’t worry! i’m looking forward to mine as i will then know whether there’s something wrong or not 🤔

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