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3rd miscarriage and can't not cope

Hi, I have just had 3rd miscarriag in last 10 months, each time around 10 weeks. I have 4 years old boy. 

 I was so sure that this time will be different, that I will finally have a baby. 8 weeks scan was completed fine, strong heart bit, perfect size, but something is not working. I hate my body right now, can't stop crying, can't image going back to work ;( I  am not sure if I  will have power to try again. My midwife refered me to some specialist, but I don't even know what to expect. Does anyone had any test after 3rd miscarriage? How did you cope with lost? Is there any change to have successful 4th pregnancy. 


  • It may be something to do with ur blood that can be easily solved with meds or it cud just be a chromaszone problem with the baby which wouldn't be picked up till 12 week scan minimum and often those pregnancies naturally miscarry in first trimester so be strong hun u can obviously fall pregnant easily so that's a massive bonus xxx

  • Thank you 

  • Hi Iza. So sorry for what’s happened. I have a friend who has had three miscarriages and found out at her 12 week scan and is now due a healthy baby in a couple of weeks. You can get pregnant and that is a big plus. Hopefully they can do something to help x

  • @iza s
    really sorry for your loss.
    i had a MC 2 weeks ago.. it really is the worst thing ever.
    after tons of research I came across a lady on YouTube who had 4 MCs went to an endocrinologist and found out her TSH levels were normal for a ‘normal’ person but too high for someone TTC or maintaining that pregnancy.
    having gone to my GP armed with that information, he checked with a fertility specialist and confirmed that my level of 2.83 was too high to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I got prescribed levothyroxin yesterday and hoping on my next cycle my body would be ready to host my baby..
    check your level with your GP.
    beside meds, I’ve read that the natural maca route is good for maintaining good TSH levels so I have purchase that and a few more natural prenatals to prepare my body for the next pregnancy.
    i think it’s crazy that you have to go through 3 MC to finally be referred to a specialist when simple advice can spare you all that heartache. 
    Good luck in your TTC journey x
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