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Going threw blighted ovum miscarriage!

Hi im going threw my 1st blighted ovum miscarriage and wanted to know is there a chance to have a successful pregnancy next time around and when i should try again for another one..i already have a babygirl who turns 5 in april and want to give her a sibling..pls help im so of now im in the process of doing the mc naturally   I have a little bit of cramping and light bleeding not heavy to where I have to change my pad every hour I've had maybe one small blood clot a few days ago and it's single small one yesterday but nothing since did I pass it or is it still as a process please I need your help I don't know what's going on I'm just hoping the next one when I try to conceive again if it will be successful and be healthy thank you


  • Hi sorry for your loss, I went through the same end of October we started trying again after first period so we are onto our 3rd month, I haven’t been told anything to suggest I can’t go on to have healthy pregnancys I’m so sad it hasn’t happened already but I’m trying to stay positive,  I started with spotting on the Thursday an Friday, Saturday was a light flow which got heavier with clots and caused so many cramps my partner had to go and get some Tena lady’s for me as it became to heavy for normal pads I wore those about 2 days an lost quite a large clot then the bleeding was normal. in total I bled for 11days. 

  • Hi ladies. Hoping you can shed some light on what's to happen for me. Went for my 12 week scan yesterday and turns out I have a blighted ovum. Since a week ago I've had brown discharge and bleeding since 2 days ago. Basically I want to know how long it took for you to miscarry naturally? I have a follow up next Thursday at the early pregnancy unit and I spose if my body hasn't sorted it by then then the hospital will intervene. 

    Thanks jay x 
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