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Hey my question is during ovulation i was having  stretchy pale pink discharge but my period is due in 12days but i am still seeing the pale pink discharge.what could be the problem?


  • Sometimes it's just leftover blood from your most recent cycle. It could also be bleeding from sex, who knows? In March after my HSG, I bled for 4 days mid-cycle with no explanation. I know it wasn't bleeding from the procedure because I barely had any spotting from that, and the bleeding happened several days afterwards. I still got my normal period two weeks later, and I'm still regular. Sometimes our bodies are just weird lol.
  • Senshisetsuna thank you for your comment , the pale pink discharge color has now stopped guess it was just left over blood.
  • Don't rule out the possibility that it could have been implantation bleeding. You'll know in 10-12 days if you miss your period!
  • Implantation is not possible because i havent had unprotected sex after my previous menstruation. 
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