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Starting Clomid

Hi Ladies, I've started taking Clomid today and feeling a little apprehensive about the side effects and feeling anxious whether it will work or not. Kind of pinning my hopes on it. Just wondered if any one else has any experiences of starting Clomid and how they got on with it. If anyone else is starting this part of the journey too it would be great to hear from you x


  • Hey :) I started clomid the 28th June. So far I’ve found it fine, :) but ratty with my husband and a bit bloaty but nothing too bad! X
  • I started Clomid for the first time too. I’m finished it now and on CD9 so will be trying soon. I usually ovulate late in my cycle. I don’t know whether to bother with the OPK this month or not. I didn’t google any side effects to Clomid cos I knew if I did I’d get them so ive noticed absolutely nothing so far! What I don’t know won’t hurt me! Can’t wait to see if I can get a result from it
  • Hi what is Clomid? Im trying my hardest to conceive.
  •  Lo is is a fertility drug that is meant to help with production of eggs. That and letrozole (federation) are prescribed by doctors to help people ttc  who have pcos or unexplained fertility x
  • Clomid not lo 
  • Hi ladies. I had my scan on day 10 and it showed I had responded too well! Had 3 follicles! Was advised not to TTC this month due to the risk of multiple births but it may be too late as had already DTD so will see if AF arrives. Not had too many side effects except painful cramps and nausea on CD 14. Wishing you all luck xx
  • Hi Emma, I potentially had 3 viable follicles too but my clinic let me go ahead with the IUI. I have PCOS though so maybe they thought that was more chance one of them would have a viable egg???? I have no idea 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Just a waiting game now x
  • Hi Kazam, that’s really interesting, I wonder why some clinics have different guidelines? Fingers crossed for u. What CD are u now? X
  • It’s a private clinic and not nhs so I don’t know if that has something to do with it too. Thanks for the best wishes, I am only 4dpo. Have to give myself a shot of HCG on Wednesday and then back to the clinic on the 26th for blood tests, still a bit of a wait but will all be worth it xx
  • Hi I am on CD 3 and started clomid yesterday, anyone starting clomid it’s best to take it right before you sleep so you can sleep off any symptoms x 
  • I am currently waiting for a scan to confim PCOS, and NHS have advised likley clomid prescription in September 2019. Being TTC since last year, but have VERY irregular periods. What does it entail once prescribed? Thanks! 
  •  I have never had clomid.  I was given letrozole (femara) and then ovitrelle injections. Currently 10dpo and so far bfn but I know it’s early so not giving up hope. Good luck with it all ladies, am looking forward to hear how your stories go, hoping to see lots of bfp’s soon xxx
  • Hi Ladies,
    Kazam, hope you are well. I’m 7 DPO so slightly behind you. The TWW is awful isn’t it.
    MrsN1011, sorry to hear you are struggling aswell. Its really rough. I was given Clomid as I don’t ovulate regularly. Not sure if everyone’s the same but I take mine on CD 2 for 5 days. Then have a scan at CD 10 to see how my ovaries are reacting, followed by blood test on CD21. For that info the hospital can make sure it’s working as it should or can tweak the dose etc. Hope that info helps a bit xx
  • Hey @Emma575 I’m good ty, well hanging in there. Have had lots of cramping today and feel like AF is coming but only time will tell. Just trying to keep busy so the days pass. If I’m not bleeding by Friday and still bfn, then I am scheduled for blood tests so either way I will know something this week. Hope you’re feeling ok xxx
  • Hi Ladies, how are you all?
    I've started spotting today which is CD24. Not sure what's going on, whether it's implantation bleed of start of AF. AF normally arrives CD28/29 so wondering if anyone has found that Clomid makes their cycle shorter? x
  • Hi @Emma575 I am taking letrozole but I have heard that clomid can mess with cycles both ways i.e some people get shorter cycles, others get longer ones. I hope AF stays away. Mine is due tomorrow, so far all still BFN so roll on Friday. Hopefully AF just stays away and this is it but I still have cramping today so not sure whats going on. I wish I was a more patient person lol x
  • Hi Kazam, I hope AF stays away for you. The BFN may be because it's too early? Keep me posted. Thanks for replying, I don't know what to think so any help is much appreciated. I'm very impatient too so I know how you feel x Fingers crossed for us both
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