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Help!! Spotting, sore boobs 14 days late bfn

Hi ladies, this is my first time posting but I’m going out of my Mind and I need advice!! So..I was put on clomid I did four Rounds of 50mg on The 3rd round I was sent for a Hcg test as I hadn’t conceived on the first 2 rounds I started my 4th round and got the results back which showed that I have one blocked Fallopian tube on the right side but my left tube filled and spilled so no problems with the left one. They said they was going to send me to have laparoscopy to open my right tube and said I shouldn't start the 5th Round of clomid until after the surgery. But I could still try to conceive as I still have one tube. I normally take my clomid on the 2nd day of my period. I have a regular 28- 30 day cycle and never miss a period. So I ovulated on cd17 confirmed by ovulation test and me and my hubby did the deed every other day as it was our last chance to try with the clomid before the surgery. on the day my period was due I started spotting as usual only instead of getting heavier like usual it remained very light and only noticeable when I wiped.  It stopped and started over 5 days some days slightly heavier but still not enough for a pad and only noticeable when wiping. After the 5 days it stopped completely.and I got lots of milky/clear discharge (sorry tmi) lol  I done several tests all bfn 5 days later after doing the deed again the spotting has started again. On and off light and heavier when I’m more active at times but still only noticeable when wiping and not enough to fill a pad. The spotting ranges from brown to reddish brown. I have had some red but mainly a pinky red and very small specs Mild cramping here and there but nothing really noticeable. If I’m pregnant I would be 6 weeks yesterday but I did another test this morning and I got another bfn!! when I was pregnant with my daughter 18 years ago I was 18 days late before I got a BFP but I didn’t have any spotting with her. I just don’t know what to think. My boobs are sore and have been since the day I was due on my period so around 2 weeks now and I’m waking up In the night to urinate which is also unusual for me. I feel pregnant but then I’m wondering if it’s just me. It’s driving me crazy!! Help!! lol  

just add I did visit my gp who was next to useless and told me they dont really deal with fertility I need to see my gynaecologist but I haven’t got a appointment with the gynaecologist until the 11th July 


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