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Periods after marina coil removel

hi this is my first post, anyway i had my marina coul removed on the 4/6/19 and i had a withdral blees very heavy for about 4 days, then 2 days no bleeding but the 2nd night went to toilet and was brown cm when wiped thia continued for about 5 days, me and my partner have been having intercourse all the times i not been bleedimg not used anything as want another baby, its mow the 7/7/19 and nothing i keep feeling very wet and my cm is strehy too today but this has happened a few times last sunday and wednesday anyway am wondering if that 5 day brown spotting would maybe be my period dnd lighg due to my unturus wall being thin from coil am mot pregnant done test bfn couple days ago did anyome else have a first period like this sorry for long read but u cannot find anything online i got appointment with my docs on 22nd if i domt have ankthwe period before then am gonna ask for blood test fo see whats going om thanks for reading xx
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