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Almost a week late, test negative!

Been TTC for 2 years. Have difficulties as hubby has retrograde ejaculation. Thankfully my cycle has been regular during this time with AF showing up every 24-26 days without fail. HOWEVER I’m now on day 31... no PMS symptoms, no pregnancy symptoms. Took a test on day 27 but did it in the middle of the day so probably too weak? Either way it was negative. Took another test on day 29 first thing in the morning... again negative. Going to take another test tomorrow but don’t know what else to do? I’ve made a doctors app for 6th August (quickest I could get!) but starting to get wound up by this. It’s difficult enough TTC for most people, let alone with my hubby who has retrograde ejaculation and now my body maybe throwing a wobbly. I know stress can be a factor but I don’t feel any more stressed than normal every day things? Also don’t seem to be showing any symptoms for early menopause or other issues google has thrown at me.

Any suggestions guys at a loss here!


  • It can take some women a while to get a BFP so maybe you are pregnant just have a shy little bean. As long as you have no fertility issues and AF doesn't show, I would keep the faith hunni and hopefully you get good news from your doctor x
  • Did you use pregnacare pre conception? It can lengthen cycles.
  • Sometimes it's takes time to get BFP
    But also once in a while our cycle might be late, without any reason it's just how body works.also heat might be reason for delay of periods especially if you are a little bit dehydrated.
  • Just to update you all my AF arrived 7 days late. I suspect it was the heat! Fingers crossed for a BFP this cycle!
  • Baby dust for this cycle
  • @Sigsauer baby dust worked! THANK YOU! BFP!! :D
  • Yay congrats @PaulaLarr happy and healthy 9months for you. I’m hoping to join you this month as this is my third round of IUI with fertility drugs and we had an early miscarriage last month so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 It’s 3rd time lucky for us xx
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