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What is happening to me?!

 Hello! I've been TTC since May 2018. I'm 35 with no biological children, and I've never been pregnant. I have regular cycles, and I get positive OPKs. Last year in September, I had a blood test done to check my progesterone levels; it came back at 16 which my doctor said meant I was ovulating. The last few months, I've been spotting a week before my periods, and today was no exception. Like clockwork, I woke up today spotting to the point of needing a pad. I'm on CD 21. I did get a positive OPK this month, I even bought the Ava bracelet. I also had another blood progesterone test today, and my results came back at 0.3..... That's the normal level for the follicur phase, I'm well below ovulation levels. I don't know why I got a positive OPK if I'm not ovulating. I've had an HSG done, I take care of myself, even my DH is on Clomid to help me get pregnant because his SA came back with low motility. I don't understand what's happening in my own body, and I just want to be done. Please tell me I'm not alone?!


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    Good morning - sounds like you have low Progesterone to me.  Do you happen to have PCOS also?  It's very common to get false positives on OPKs when you have PCOS due to the elevated hormone level of LH (which is the ovulating hormone that OPKs pick up).  If you do have PCOS also, AVA won't work either.  The only monitor proven to work with PCOS and elevated LH levels is "Ovusense".

    A friend of mine recently had the same issues and went to her GP - had the day 21 Progesterone test and they said she was fine, she then went on to have 4 miscarriages before they reconsidered and that her Progesterone was actually on the very low side, although ovulating it's not enough to maintain a pregnancy...referred to the fertility clinic, load of tests, came back mild PCOS and low Progesterone.  She now takes a Progesterone supplement after ovulation, no spotting and is 9 weeks pregnant.
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