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Cramping and no AF! Help!

Hello Ladies! 

Thanks for clicking on this post. I was wondering if I could get any input. Today was when AF was due, but she hasn't came yet. I've been having really bad cramps on my left ovary all the way to my lower back. BAD. I wore panty liners the whole day just in case I bleed. But I noticed towards end of the day that they only thing I got was brown spotting and it is really little. It kinda looks like your last days period where you're just spotting. Do you guys think AF is on her way? 


  • We are in exactly the same predicament! I’ve had bad cramping for last few days and last night it was a concentrated cramping in my right ovary, two day’s ago I had brownish pink discharge when I wiped and then it was gone- taken 3 pts and all came back negative- if you find out what’s causing your symptoms please let me know! 
  • You could very well be pregnant. I had the same symptoms except I had cramps 1 week before AF was due. The day I was due, no show except later that night where I had the tiniest dot of blood, so I just thought AF was coming. The next morning I woke up and still no AF so that night I took a test that came up a beaming positive within 10 seconds. I am still experiencing very mild cramps, but that is normal in early pregnancy. This was only last week so I am still quite early, but its definitely a possibility. I was only 2 days late when I got my positive result. 
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