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18dpo, 43cd, brown/red discharge

Good day Mums,
I am new to this site. As the title says I am on cd43, 18dpo (I believe, but could be wrong). At cd 39 when af was due I started spotting brown/red/sometimes pink watery discharge. It is still here at cd43. I usually spot a 1-2 days before then get a full flow but it has now been 5 days of this mild spotting/discharge. Also based on my period tracker my LP has been 14 days flat since October last year. I have symptoms like tender breasts, stomach cramps and lower backache since cd11 (5 dpo), mood swings, frequent urination started at cd38, headaches and mild nausea started at cd42. Some if these symptoms I do not get at all with af. Most I get are backache and sometimes cramps. I did tests 14,16,17,18dpo  but all I see are shadows or negative so I don't know what to think. Have any of you ever tested and gotten negatives, then tested again after 18dpo and gotten a positive? 


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