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Trying for a baby for two years, ivf or wait a little longer

I’m looking for advise as im so confused. I’m 32 at the end of this month, me and my husband have been trying for a baby for two years with no luck, all the tests come back as fine so we are classed as unexplained. 
We are due to start ivf next week and my mind is doing over time, should we go for it and accept help hoping it will work as doctors say the younger you are the higher the success, each month my period comes I am so disappointed , so maybe this is the next step? 
Or should we wait a few more months try and relax and see if it happens naturally , as I’m sure does every one I’d prefer it to happen naturally than go through ivf. 

Id be so thankful for everyone’s thoughts on what you would do .



  • Sorry for your struggles, my husband and I had 4 years of trying with no success (including 3 attempts  of IUI) we then finally started our treatment for IVF, I started taking the down reg drugs and boom! We get pregnant naturally, that pregnancy did end in miscarriage but the next month we got pregnant again (naturally) and we now have our beautiful daughter.

    In my opinion I think you should go ahead and start your IVF because in my experience it still gives you time to get pregnant naturally. What if you carry on waiting a few months and it still doesnt happen and you wished you started the process?

    Good luck!
  • MrsD90 thank you for your reply congestion’s on your daughter , it doesn’t sound like you had an easy journey.
    what meds did you take? As my ivf starts on day 21 with a drug to stop my natural cycle. 
    I totally agree , if I’m 6 months I’m still not pregnant Then I’m sure I will wish I started sooner , I’ve gone thru heart ache for 2 years as I’m sure you know, if we have been offered help surely we should take it . 
    Its just the unknown is always scary. 
  • I can't remember the name of the drug anymore if I heard the name I'd probably remember but im pretty sure I started taking it on day 21 also!
    As soon as we were told we qualified for funding we jumped straight in, what's stopping you from going for it? I'm sure the clinic you go to will talk through everything and answer any questions or concerns you have. Lots of places also offer counseling so you can talk it all through too!
  • I’ll be taking suprecur. I’m not sure I guess I’ll scared to go through it all and it not work. And also because all test results come back clear , I feel if it can happen naturally should I not wait and see what nature does . 

    I think i just have to be strong; we want a baby so much so if this gets us closer to that, then we should go for it x
  • I dont think that's what I took. You're scared of going through it and it not working but are you not more scared of not going through it and never being successful? That's how I would look at it!
    If there was anything that was going to get us to have our precious baby then we were going to do it! You might have successful IVF and then go on to have a natural pregnancy when you're ready for another child, it happens all the time!
    Are you funded? How many rounds do you get?
  • Yes your totally right , I will do anything for us to have a family, the thought of never been a mum scares me more . Yes we have funding one fresh cycle and one frozen . Thank you for your advice xx
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