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what does this mean?

yesterday i used a cvs pregnancy test and i accidentally peed on the result window and the part you’re supposed to pee on, it immediately started to turn the pregnant circle light blue (not a line just the entire circle) it then disappeared and said not pregnant. when i checked back later there’s a line but i can’t tell if it is blue or gray... it is just as thick as the non pregnant line and i’m very confused. i’m supposed to get my period tomorrow but it is sometimes late. i’m very stressed out about this, what do you guys think?


  • I honestly think you would have to say that was an invalid test and test again in the morning with fmu. Keeping fx you get your bfp x
  • That could be an evaporation line if it only showed up after a while.

    try again in the morning, peeing on the end tab :))
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