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3 day bleed after 7 day late period... is this implantation or period?


So my period was supposed to be due on Aug 4th ( 7 days late) and then I had a light bleed on the 8th day (10th aug) , then a slightly heavier bleed the next day with thin looking clots SORRY TMI! (filled a tampon) accompanied with really intense cramps similar to menstrual period , and now im experiencing a much lighter bleed than the one on the 10th August (filled the tampon a little less) 
I also had a 2 day “bleed” on the 19th and 20th July (last month) 9 days after my period which was on the 7th July. I have taken up to 6-8 tests, all negatives. 

Could this be implantation bleeding or my period? Im still very lightly bleeding now (using a pantyliner) so does it depend when the bleeding stops that determines what it could be? When should I test??


  • What you're describing seems a bit late and a bit too heavy for me to think it's implantation bleeding. I would assume your period was just late this month.

    Good luck, but I don't feel this month has been your month. 
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