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Positive OPK and ovulation in 17 hours ???

Dear everyone, 

So I got a positive OPK on CD15 in the afternoon (5.30 P.M.). Around midnight I had some cramps but I thought that my ovulation will start the next day. Also, I tested in the morning on the CD15 and it was negative.

Next day around 9 A.M. (CD16) I was scheduled for a regular check-up with my ob-gyn (we are not TTC-ing for a long time). He told me everything looked fine but that I have a small amount of free fluid in my Douglas pouch and that it looks like I just had my ovulation. 

I'm so confused... did I had a shortest ovulation ever?? What just happened?? Is it possible that I got my positive OPK and finished ovulated in 17 hours or a little bit more? 

If someone could explain, I would be so grateful. Also, English is my second language so that should explain things further for you :smiley:

Thanks in advance 
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