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I am new to trying to conceive but have been wondering if I had PCOS for a number of years. I am a 31yo female and got my IUD out 2 months ago. I had a little spotting a week later but no periods since, and my periods have always been irregular even when I was on oral birth control for many years. I took an ovulation test a month ago, which was positive, and took tests again last week which were positive every time (7 days straight, haven’t taken one since). Negative pregnancy test. I talked to my doctor, who sent out some tests and I’ve gotten the results back but haven’t heard from her yet, so I’m overanalyzing the results myself. My biggest concern is that my LH:FSH ratio is 4:1, which seems quite extreme, especially after a week of high LH readings on the ovulation test. I’ve read mixed things about the ratio, but it just doesn’t seem that my hormones are normal - both are within the reference ranges I’ve found only but they should be much closer together -FSH is about 7 and LH is about 35. In addition to irregular periods, I have unwanted dark facial hair (particularly upper lip) that no one in my family has, as well as depression.  I’m not overweight and my glucose, cholesterol levels, and TSH are normal. I know none of you are doctors but probably have a lot of experience seeing all these blood tests - how worried should I be? Thanks for reading. 


  • I have pcos and I have been told that I can't have kids but there has been many women to have kids even with Pcos. Is there any medicines that I could take to make me more fertile  
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