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Low sperm count - devastated

Hi everyone 
I was following threads in the trying to conceive thread till now. We have been TTC for 4 months now but my DHs sperm analysis came through today. And he has a low sperm count only 9.6 million. I am devastated. What can we do? I am already 33 and am losing healthy eggs with each passing cycle.
Can I ever get pregnant with this sperm count? Should we look at sperm donors (though I am sure DH will never agree). I am completely devastated. Any advice will help.


  • Please don’t be deflated, remember it only takes 1!  Has he been taking any vitamins? 
  • My bf had basically no sperm we went with a donor. Shockingly he was ok with it. We had our first IUI last Friday. Fingers crossed
  • Does he know the cause for that?   Fingers crossed for you! 
  • He ended up having a genetic disorder. They said we could have this procedure were they get his sperm from his sac but we opted for donor sperm. The donor sperm had 22 million after being washed. Go Friday for progesterone check up then Friday 13th pregnancy test. This journey feels lonely, and never ending. I had a deviated septum which was fixed. 
  • What is that what caused him to have no sperm count ?  My OH had his sperm tested and his sperm count was 30 million, his mortility was fine but morphology was 3%. 

  • Forgot the name whatever the genetic disease. He had basically no sperm.
  • That’s so disheartening.  Was there any way of him upping his sperm count in anyway like with vitamins? 
  • No he was fine just using a donor. So we did that and had IUI Friday 
  • Fingers crossed it has worked for you! How are you feeling? Did you get the IUI on NHS,  correct me if I’m wrong but that’s where they choose the best sperm isn’t it?
  • My husband and I had been trying for 2 and half years before we decided to seek fertility treatment. It turned out my husband has a severe triple defect in his sperm. Low mobility, misshapen, and only 3.4 mil. I also have PCOS and wasn't ovulating regularly. We decided to go straight to IVF as the doc said our chance of getting pregnant any other way is incredibly low. So we booked in for egg collection in 2 months time. The very next month we fell pregnant naturally :) I'm now 32 weeks. Please don't give up hope, you will get your rainbow baby. If it happened for us it can happen for anyone! 
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