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Chemical pregnancy

I got a bfp last Wednesday and had bloods done to confirm but my hcg was <2 and my doctor said my progesterone was <1 so I had a chemical pregnancy. 
It wasn’t the test as I did 5 and used two different brands, but as each day has gone on they’ve gotten lighter as my doctor said they would. I had cramping Tuesday Wednesday Thursday last week and my boobs have been sore for over a week. I haven’t had a period since July so I don’t know when I ovulated. 
I still haven’t got my period and other than sore boobs I don’t feel like I’m getting it which is unusual for me as I have endometriosis and pcos. 
I guess im just looking for other ladies that have had similar experiences. 


  • Awww hun I'm sorry to hear what your going through. I've had chemical pregnancy in the past 2 recently and I know it's a hard thing to be dealing with. Surely your Dr might be able to give you something to help with the period part. Bleeding after a chemical pregnancy can take a few days to two weeks in some cases. Hope this helps in some way. Its surprising how common a chemical pregnancy is but I never knew until I had one xx
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