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TTC With One Testicle

Hi. Me and my DH are TTC. We are on our second month trying now. I track bbt and do OPKs and we even use Preseed. My DH was born with only one testicle. Hes had several ultrasounds and surgeries where they took cameras and tried to see if they could find the other one and its not there. I was just wondering if anyone has the same issue and had success in concieving. (dont judge) Me and DH cant afford insurance right now and make too much for Medicaid so we cant get checked. I just want to know if its possibe as im feeling pretty down about it since my MIL came over n discussed it with me after seeing the preseed on the side table.  


  • Hey @Catlady220 - an ex boyfriend of mine only had one testicle and I know he was always worried about the impact of it on fertility. He now has two children and as far as I know, there were no fertility issues. Lots of couples conceive in the same circumstances. My advice would be not to worry about this, you don’t need the additional stress when TTC. Your MIL was probably trying to be supportive but didn’t manage it very well x
  • @RememberToBreathe I hope we r like everyone else.....I did some research n it made me feel A LOT better to know that it's rare for it to be a the baby dancing goes on 
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