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Advice please on blood test on day 21 of cycle

Hi, we have been trying to conceive for the past 6 months (this will be month 7) which I know isn't ages but it feels like forever! I recently visited my GP for advice in case I was doing something I shouldn't (I.e. gym 3x weekly) or if there were any supplements I should be taking. He said to just keep trying and not to worry until we were 12 or 18 months down the line.
However he said he would do a blood test on the 21st day of my cycle to check that I am actually ovulating. 
I know on average my cycle is actually 31 days long so I have booked it for day 21 of the cycle which is the 18th October. I've just been reading online however that this test should actually come about 7 days after you ovulate. Well from home testing kits I believe I ovulate on the 17th day of my cycle. 
Has anyone here also had this test? If so can you advise me if I need to move my test date or keep it on the 21st day of the cycle?
I think I'm over thinking everything at the moment, people keep telling me to relax and it will just happen but how do you relax when it's something you want so badly!? 


  • How did you get on with this? 
    I’ve just had my 21 day blood test but not too sure what to be expecting in the results? 
    I’ve got irregular periods so unsure what cycle day I would actually ovulate. 
  • I actually ended up having it twice because my GP wasn't convinced I had it on the right day. Both times it came back normal though so that's good.
    Are they just starting to test your bloods? Have you had anything else checked out?
  • That’s really good to hear! 

    These are my first tests, I’ve only been ttc since October and even then I’ve not been tracking or even paying to much attention to when we BD. I went to the doctors as I had 2 cycles at 40 days and thought that was a bit off. 

    I’ve done OPKs this cycle and I got a positive today on CD22 so maybe will call the doctors and see what to do now! 
  • Fingers crossed it is all ok for you! I'm sure it will be. They can also do a blood test on day 3 I think it is of your cycle which checks all you other hormones to make sure they are working right too. Might be worth asking for that once you have got your results for this one.
    I've had quite a few other tests since this one but we have discovered it's my husband who has low sperm count so conceiving is going to take a little longer for us.

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    @Loz5409 I wouldn’t go with Day 21 blood tests. This is based on a 28 day cycle which is average but in reality not many people have that. Always aim for 7 days after you ovulated. So if you are doing OPKs, wait for your peak and book your appointment 7 days after that. They are just to confirm you ovulated and you are producing enough profesterone to keep the pregnancy when you conceive.  Day 2-5 tests are also available as mentioned above to confirm all other hormones are correct at the start of your cycle. Lh, fsh etc. 

    @KingLil29 have they told you it is still possible to conceive naturally? My OHs count is very low so they basically said there isn’t much chance and to go down the ivf route. 
  • @SR19 well yes we have been told there is always a chance (it only takes one sperm to do its thing after all) but his count is very low. They said IVF would be our best chance but to not loose hope and keep trying because it does sometimes naturally happen too. Best luck to you guys! X
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