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Pregnancy symptoms no hcg 38day cycle

Not sure if I’m posting in the right category but hoping to get some advice 🤧
I’m 22y/o, been TTC for 15months/cycles. My periods were very irregular when they started @12, and even disappeared completely for almost 2 years. They’ve been fairly regular the past 2-3years, apart from my cycle being 38-40days. I had a chemical September 2018, and have been pretty much obsessed with getting and keeping a pregnancy since then unfortunately. Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept things for how they are lol so I’d like some outside insight. 
My last regular period was August 9-12
Had sex 2 weeks later (a week before my expected ovulation date) and then 2 more times during that week, the last being 2 days before expected date. (09/02)(had raw egg white discharge) 
So 2wks 1day after that date, (09/17) I started spotting, which eventually turned to bleeding but it wasn’t heavy like a normal period and only lasted 1 1/2-2 days.
I’ve had “pregnancy like” symptoms since about a week after my ovulation date,  before the 2 day bleed. 
Really watery discharge and a lot more of it, morning/ all day-sickness(had it mildly since puberty but not to this degree), I can smell EVERYTHING. especially cigarettes. Frequent urination. Bad night sweats. Vivid dreams(haven’t dreamed in a while much less remembered them). My breasts have nearly doubled in size and are super heavy and tender. The tenderness did die down some during the 2 day bleed but they’ve stayed swollen, my main/most noticeable symptom. I’ve been bloated, nauseous, had migraines (left side only), indigestion, diarrhea/gas, I tear up at EVERYTHING lol. FATIGUE IS REAL. And increased sex drive.
The past couple weeks have been watery then creamy white discharge, somewhat heavy but it has been since I became sexually active last year, super sleepy tearful and swollen.
Neg test 1 week after 2 day bleed (09/25)
Neg test 5 days later on (09/30)
Both dollar general tests 
Very faint positive 10/06 using a blue dye test from dollar general again. 
Clear “not pregnant” on equate digital 10/07.
Was supposed to ovulate this week if I’m not pregnant so been doing my BBT, I noticed a spike on 10/6 but my cervix and cervical fluid didn’t seem right for it to be that day so I assumed it’s just bc I haven’t been charting at the same time every day, and I had walked to the bathroom before doing it so may have raised it.
I did move to a different state on 09/23, my step father passed away 9/26, and have a lot of other stressors right now so maybe that could be affecting everything?  
Ive heard of women not testing positive with hcg until months in or not at all, anyone know if that correlates with having a long cycle/ ovulating late? 
Don’t know if I should wait a few days and try again with a first response (heard they’re more sensitive), try to schedule an ultrasound now, or just wait on my next period and see if its a full bleed or comes at all? 
If you made it to the end of this please help 😭 I just wanna stop feeling crazy. Taking tests every day. I want a baby so bad I feel like my body is playing tricks on me. 


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